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Insights - 30 Dec 2011

A letter to the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board in response to their 'Concept Release' 2011

A letter to the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board in response to their 'Concept Release' 2011.

Network news - 28 Dec 2011

A strategic merger for PKF Kenya

The partners of PKF Kenya and Grant Thornton, Kenya are please to announce the merger of the two firms with effect from 1 January 2012. The merged firms will continue business under the name of PKF Kenya

Network news - 21 Dec 2011

PKF Connect Christmas parties for literacy volunteer partners and 'buddies'

PKF Australia's corporate social responsiblity program, PKF Connect, involves staff members working with the Daystar and Ardoch Foundation's Literacy Programmes. Through the program, staff act as corporate buddies sending and receiving letters from student buddies. The program aims to enhance the students’ literacy skills and provide them with corporate role models.

Insights - 19 Dec 2011

For the past 20 years, PKF Consulting USA (PKFC), in conjunction with the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC), has conducted an annual survey of the operating performance of IACC certified conference centers

Now, as the U.S. lodging industry has turned the corner and proceeded up the recovery slope of the business cycle, the fortunes of U.S. conference centers have improved as well. Unit-level profit growth was a modest 5.4 percent in 2010, but certainly welcome after the 43.5 percent decline in net operating income posted in 2009.

Network news - 14 Dec 2011

Kenneth Guidry, Chairman of the Board of Directors, PKF North America for 2012

Houston's position in the global marketplace provides our next Chairman, Kenneth Guidry, a unique perspective as he and the Board continue to enhance our network's worldwide impact. Kenneth has been a strong member of our board since 2010 and served as Vice-Chairman in 2011.

Network news - 12 Dec 2011

International Audit and Accounting Meeting in Istanbul, 3-6 December 2011

The annual PKF International Audit and Accounting Meeting recently took place in Istanbul. In a market which has seen substantial audit related proposals and consultations being issued in the US, in Europe and elsewhere the theme of the meeting was 'Positioning yourself for change'

Insights - 23 May 2011

USA Hotel Profits Grew 9.8 Percent in 2010

After two years of declining profits, the average U.S. hotel enjoyed a 9.8 percent bottom line increase in 2010, according to a recently released report, Trends® in the Hotel Industry.

Insights - 10 May 2011

Hotels Give Some Things for Nothing By Robert Mandelbaum

If guests are going to criticize hotels for "nickel and diming" them by charging resort fees and surcharges, then they should also be aware of the services and amenities that U.S. hotels provide on a complimentary basis.

Network news - 27 Jan 2011

PKF International network now ranked 10th in the World

PKF International Limited (PKFI) is now the tenth largest global accounting network according to the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) World Survey published today.

Network news - 13 Jan 2011

Tell us what you think about the new PKF.com

Please let us know what you think about the new www.pkf.com website.

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