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At PKF Rutherfords our clients are more than just a number. You succeed because you care deeply about what you do. Well, so do we. In order for us to help you we need to listen and care about what you do. And that is something that we do best; we care. Our commitment to you doesn't stop at the dollars and cents. PKF Rutherfords have the skills and experience to add real value to you and your team going forward. At PKF Rutherfords we have been building relationships for over 125 years, relationships that have stood the test of time and have been carried through multiple generations. Our enduring client relationships stem from the high level of integrity and respect that we demonstrate in all areas of our organisation. With new information and new ways of doing things coming at us at an ever increasing pace, we are continually developing and growing ourselves, so that we can continue to bring you excellent service

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Chris Lamb

  • chris.lamb@pkfr.co.nz
  • Tel: +64 6 350 7900
  • Fax: +64 6 357 4006
  • Status: Member

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