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Chile has a special link between the Asia-Pacific region and the  countries of the East Coast of South America (Brazil, Argentina, among others). The Chilean economy has evident advantages in the  exploitation of some primary products such as those from mining.


PKF Doing Business in Chile

With its rich reserves of metal and non metalminerals Chile has a privileged position amongst the mining nations of the world. Its vast deposits of high grade ores contain a relevant percentage of the world's reserves of certain minerals like copper, rhenium and molybdenum. Important amongst its non-metal reserves are nitrates, iodine, sulfur and lithium. Forestry is also important and the main specie planted is Insignis Pine (one of its comparative advantages lies in Chile's climatic and geographical conditions that make the tree grow faster). This activity has been encouraged through tax exemptions and financial incentives. Due to its longest coastlines in the world, over 2,400 miles, renewable marine resources are very important too. Its variety of climates along the country allows a varied agricultural activity.

Chile has a first class network of highways and roads, seaports and domestic and international airports that connect almost every place of the territory and the world. Chile enjoys a modern and efficient telecommunication system.

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