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IFRS: How We
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IFRS: How We Can Help You

The impact of IFRS adoption, together with continued amendments to the standards, stretches far beyond accounting and financial reporting to affect key business decisions. Access to up-to-date guidance and timely advice are essential as IFRS is adopted in many more countries, or new and revised standards are implemented. Consistent interpretation and application are also vital for companies operating in a global environment.

PKF International provides access to a number of resources available on our website. Please see the menu to the left to access these valuable tools. Accounting Updates provide information on important accounting developments, and a selection of IFRS summaries and snapshots provide a quick overview of the most important provisions of the standards.

In addition, we provide high quality guidance and resources to our member firms, as well as access to an international IFRS group, consisting of practitioners and technical personnel with expertise in IFRS.

Some of the resources available to our member firms include:

  • PKF & WILEY Interpretation and Application of IFRS® Standards (2020 edition)

The book is a joint project between PKF and Wiley & Sons. Every year members of the network generously volunteer their time to author or update the chapters. After a rigorous review process the books go to print with Wiley printing PKF branded copies for our network. The books provide great insight to the IFRS, with illustrative examples and commentary.