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Member Benefits

Our members enjoy a vast array of free tools and resources as well as opportunities to share best practice with other firms in the network. These resources have proved vital in recent times as firms have worked together to overcome the challenges brought about by COVID-19.

Work and market (internally and externally) under the PKF brand, one of the oldest and most respected brands in the professional services sector

Representation on all internal and external resources of PKF, enabling member firms around the network to contact you to refer work, pitch and tender for joint international projects

Assistance in achieving compliance with the quality requirements of PKFI – participation in the Global Monitoring Programme

Access to the PKFI website intranet and use of all available enabling resources, including publications,  technical materials, summarised network expertise, country- led ‘doing business in’ and tax guides, etc.

Access to PKFI’s training and L&D resources; including CPE accredited online training and webinars, PKF Bean, IFRS Fundamentals, MindTools, etc.

Access to special conditions PKFI has negotiated with professional software and educational resource providers

Entry into the annual PKF International Directory to enable member firms around the network to contact you to refer work

Representation of your  firm as a full member of the PKFI network on letterheads, business cards, and any other published material/ marketing assets, and on your website. You may also rebrand as PKF XXX and appoint PKF visual standards as your visual identity

Build cross-border business relationships and win international work

Invitation to attend PKFI’s regional and international conferences and training seminars