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Growth of PKF WULF & PARTNER in 2017

13 Dec 2017

December 2017, Stuttgart: PKF WULF & PARTNER wins a new member firm with PKF WULF WÖßNER WEIS and two new partners: an auditor Karl-Heinz Wößner and an accountant Edgar Weis, who are based in Freudenstadt, Bondorf and Deckenpfronn. The PKF WULF & PARTNER currently have 13 partners and about 200 employees.

PKF WULF & PARTNER are proud of their growth strategy, which has been consistently pursued in 2017. Karl-Heinz Wößner and Edgar Weis in Freudenstadt, Bondorf and Deckenpfronn joined PKF WULF GROUP in October 2017.

As a medium-size auditing and tax consulting company, PKF WULF & PARTNER significantly expanded with locations in Stuttgart, Balingen, Rottweil, Augsburg and Weissach-Flacht  and with the new offices in Freudenstadt, Bondorf and Deckenpfronn. With more than 40 new employees, PKF WULF & PARTNER have grown significantly.

PKF WULF & PARTNER's core competence - the individual consultation of the owner-managed middle class and Family Business are our key success factors. The continuous growth of the PKF WULF GROUP of originally 30 employees to nearly 200 employees speaks for the success, the entrepreneurial spirit and the commitment of each individual PKF employee.

For more information please contact Ralph Setzer at r.setzer@pkf-egermann.de, +49 7433 1609 0.

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