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IFRS: How We Can Help You

IFRS: How We Can Help You

The impact of IFRS adoption together with continued amendments to the standards stretches far beyond accounting and financial reporting to affect key business decisions.  Access to up-to-date guidance and timely advice are essential as IFRS is adopted in many more countries, or new and revised standards are implemented.  Consistent interpretation and application is also vital for companies operating in a global environment.

PKF International provides access to a number of resources available on our website. Please see the menu to the left to access these valuable tools. Accounting Updates provide information on important accounting developments, and a selection of IFRS summaries and snapshots provide a quick overview of the most important provisions of the standards. The latest illustrative financial statements template is a useful guide to assist with layout and presentation of IFRS financial statements.

In addition, we provide high quality guidance and resources to our member firms, as well as access to an international IFRS group, consisting of practitioners and technical personnel with expertise in IFRS.

Some of the resources available to our member firms include:

  • PKF & WILEY Interpretation and Application of IFRS® Standards (2017 edition)

    The book is a joint project between PKF and Wiley & Sons. Every year members of the PKF family generously volunteer their time to author or update the chapters. After a rigorous review process the books go to print with Wiley printing PKF branded copies for the PKF network. The books provide great insight to the IFRS, with illustrative examples and commentary.

  • PKF & W. Consulting Applying IFRS for SMEs (2015 edition)
    PKF has entered into an agreement with W. Consulting to provide a PKF branded International Financial Reporting Standard for Small and Medium- sized Entities handbook. The book is broken down into 30 chapters with each chapter dealing with a section of the IFRS for SMEs and covers the most recent amendments effective in 2017.

  • PKF/WILEY Insight IFRS - IFRS Research Platform
    PKF International have partnered with Wiley & Sons to provide the network with an exclusive, PKF branded, IFRS research platform. We have worked closely with Wiley & Sons throughout the development of the platform. The result, a platform which responds to the requirements of our network.

    Resources maintained on this platform include:

    • The 2016 Blue Book International Financial Reporting Standards
    • The Wiley/PKFI Interpretation and application of International Financial Reporting Standards book,
    • Technical summaries,
    • Worked examples and case studies and
    • News stories and opinion pieces.
  • Pentana Disclose
    Pentana Disclose is an intuitive, high-calibre disclosure checker and is used throughout the PKF network to great effect. Pentana Disclose provides an efficient way to check the disclosures needed for entities that are implementing new accounting standards. The checklists contain all the most recent accounting standards, SORPs and relevant UK legislation and are updated regularly to ensure all the relevant requirements are covered.

To find out how a PKF member firm can be of assistance to you please contact us using the online contact form to the right.

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