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Illustrative financial statements

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Illustrative financial statements

The illustrative financial statements present the consolidated financial statements of an imaginary group with publicly traded equity shares and provide example presentation and disclosure formats, as well as guidance on some alternative presentations available. The financial statements are not intended to be exhaustive as it would be impracticable to consider every conceivable application of IFRS. Furthermore, they do not reflect any requirements set down by legislation or national regulators. Instead, they provide illustrations of the most commonly applied standards and accounting policy choices.

These illustrative financial statements are prepared on the assumption that the group is not a first time adopter. Therefore, the specific disclosure requirements set out in IFRS 1 are not included.

The disclosures illustrated are compliant with IFRS standards and interpretations, effective for years commencing on or after 1 January in each year indicated.

Commentary notes have been provided in the illustrative financial statements to further explain the illustrated disclosures and to set out additional disclosure requirements not specifically illustrated.

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