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A new partnership to tackle an old problem

11 Jan 2016

Eoghan Daly of The Institute for Food Safety, Integrity and Protection (TiFSiP*), explains how a new partnership is working to mitigate fraud in the food sector.

Understanding the scope and potential for food fraud is important for large producers as well as smaller trading businesses. Any supply chain, whether it is simple or complex, can present opportunities for food fraud or food adulteration which could damage businesses in a number of ways.  Whether the business is that of a food producer, processor, trader or manufacturer, there are steps that can be taken to identify, prioritise and manage these potential risks.

Tackling the issue requires new ways of working, and TiFSiP has partnered with the Centre for Counter Fraud Services at the University of Portsmouth and PKF Littlejohn to help businesses counter this growing problem of food crime.  The partnership offer a free self-assessment fraud resilience tool, an industry guide about how to counter fraud, and training about how to improve resilience to food fraud. 

TiFSiP and PKF Littlejohn are also working with the UK National Food Crime Unit (part of the Food Standards Agency (FSA)) to run a seminar (planned for February 2016) to help businesses understand more about why fraud matters, what the FSA is doing about it, and what food businesses can do to contribute to the FSA’s work.  PKF Littlejohn’s Jim Gee will also be presenting on the financial rationale for investing in fraud resilience and the professional expertise available to add value to businesses.

If you would like to hear more about TiFSiP, contact Eoghan Daly at e.daly@tifsip.org.

*TiFSiP is an inclusive membership organisation for individuals and organisations that work to keep food safe, healthy and trustworthy. It facilitates collaboration among the food sector and keeps members informed about new ways of working and protecting consumers. 

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