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PKF International welcomes a new member firm in the South West of England

PKF Francis Clark

PKF International welcomes a new member firm in the South West of England

01 Apr 2016

The PKF International network has further expanded its UK & Ireland presence and size by admission of Francis Clark LLP in the South West of England.


Effective today, PKF Francis Clark joins the PKF network as an independently owned and managed member firm. Earlier this year, PKF Francis Clark announced a merger with Princecroft Willis, a leading accountancy practice in Dorset and Hampshire. The merger also becomes effective from today.  Francis Clark is ranked 25th in the Accountancy Age Top 50 Chartered Accountancy practices and 20th in the Accountancy Live Top 60 UK media rankings.


PKF International CEO John Sim said: “It is wonderful to welcome PKF Francis Clark to the PKF global family. The newly merged team of 59 partners and more than 580 staff representing 54,7mUSD (38mGBP) is a very important addition to the PKF UK & Ireland (PKF UKI) practice and we are committed to supporting their clients wherever they may go globally, accompanied by our strong collaboration and teamwork culture. All our member firms like PKF Francis Clark share a collective commitment to exceeding expectations.”


Andrew Richards, Managing Partner at PKF Francis Clark added: “PKF is a highly respected international network of independent accountancy firms.  We have already had the opportunity to work on several client assignments with other PKF member firms and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.  With advances in technology, the world is becoming a smaller place and we are increasingly seeing our clients do business in other parts of the UK and overseas.” 


With PKF Francis Clark joining PKF UKI, our presence will significantly expand to include more than 30 offices across the UK and Ireland. PKF Francis Clark have a strong reputation across all sectors which complement the strengths of existing independent PKF UKI member firms.


For more information about PKF Francis Clark visit www.pkf-francisclark.co.uk or contact one of the offices directly


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