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Q: What is PKF GO?

A: Visit the What is PKF GO page

Q: How Can I GO?

A: Visit the How can I Go page

Q: Where Can I GO?

A: Visit the Where can I GO page

Q: Do I need to work for a PKF International member firm to qualify for a PKF GO?

A: Yes, it is a secondment programme for employees of PKF International member firms only.

Q: How can I access the PKF GO Database?

A: You need a www.pkf.com login which can be obtained by contacting the Managing Partner in your local PKF office. Also a number of PKF offices can access the PKF GO database automatically without a login.

Q: How can I search the PKF GO Database for global opportunities?

A: Once you are in the PKF GO section of the PKF International Member Database, you can search using a range of criteria such as where the secondment is based, what type of work is involved etc.

Q: If I don't work for a PKF member firm can I get a login so I can access the PKF GO database?

A: No, it is restricted to PKF International member firms and is a benefit of being a member of the PKF network.

Q: How often are these secondment opportunities added to the PKF GO Database?

A: This cannot be predicted as the GO Database is updated by the relevant people in PKF member firm offices around the world when they have new GOs.

Q: Who will arrange the necessary visas, work permits, travel and accommodation?

A: You will be supported by either your Base Office or your Destination Office. Please contact your local manager / partner / Human Resources Department who will inform you if they can assist you.

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