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How can I GO?

Where can you find out about the PKF GO Programme?

All secondment opportunities will be posted on the GO Programme database accessible via PKF365.  You can then research the opportunities available and, if you are interested in a secondment in a particular location, you should speak to your local manager/ partner who, provided you meet the criteria below, will give you permission to respond online.

Who can GO?

You can apply for an international secondment if you have at least one year's service in a PKF member firm. In addition, your application must have the support of the Partner in Charge of the office at which you are based. The only other criteria is that you agree to return to the Base Office or to another agreed location within the PKF International network for one year following the completion of your secondment.

How long do these opportunities last?

The GO Programme offers temporary placements - or secondments - to member firms within the PKF International network for periods of between three months and two years.

These are:

Short-term secondments
Typically, a short term secondment will last for three to six months but can be up to one year. These are primarily designed to make the best use of the worldwide resources within the network of PKF member firms by sharing resources at busy periods. It gives you an opportunity to experience working in a different country during a busy period within the Destination Office. In most cases and unless you are informed otherwise you will remain an employee of the Base Office which will remain ultimately responsible for your wellbeing, benefits and entitlements .

Longer-term secondments
Typically, a longer-term secondment will last for between a year and two years, although they can be for longer. These secondments allow you to become more involved in the Destination Office. In fact, during the secondment you will be treated as an employee of the office and the PKF International member firm to which you are seconded will normally be responsible for your wellbeing, benefits and entitlements.

Both these opportunities are advertised on the PKF GO Database which is accessible to staff from PKF International member firms across the world. 

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