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Where can I GO?

Where can I go?

All secondment opportunities will be posted on the GO Programme database on PKF365.  For details of how to get access to PKF365, please click here.

Global Opportunities may be available in any of the 150 countries in which the PKF International network has a member firm so the possibilities are endless. If you are attracted to the exotic, interesting or culturally diverse there could be an appropriate global opportunity for you.

What do I need to do before I GO?

Check if you are eligible to GO

You can then research the opportunities available and, if you are interested in a secondment in a particular location, you should speak to your local manager / partner who, provided you meet the criteria below, will give you permission to respond online.

Advance planning is essential. Well before you commence your PKF GO you should identify some key goals that you want to achieve during the secondment, both workwise and as part of experiencing life in a different country. You should then discuss these plans with the office you are planning to go to (the destination office) and your current Base office.

You will also need to consider and discuss the following with your local line manager or partner then your Human Resources manager (if you have one):

  • Visas (if applicable)
  • Costs of travel to and from your base office
  • Accommodation (where you will be staying during your secondment)

What happens when you return?

Depending on the length or nature of your secondment, it is also worthwhile to give some thought - either as part of your planning and/or during your secondment -about the role you would like to take up on your return to your Base Office.

For short term secondments, you will return to your existing role in your Base Office. However, your additional skills and experiences should enhance your opportunities for career advancement.

If you have been on a longer term secondment, you will return to a role that is commensurate with your skills and experience. This will be at least at the level you were at when you left and may be higher depending on the staffing situation at your Base Office.

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