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PKF Wallast

Netherlands - Amsterdam

More than just an accounting firm or tax advisor

PKF Wallast accountants, tax advisers and corporate lawyers operate on the local, regional and national level, mainly for entrepreneurs. We understand our field like few others do; we have a wealth of knowledge and experience at our disposal and look at companies with an open mind. We are often described as whiz kids; a qualification we gladly accept. Ultimately, that is exactly what the corporate sector needs: smart advisers who are capable of proactively, creatively and thoughtfully surveying and examining the financial, tax and legal aspects of a company. In our opinion, advisers have to be personally involved and focused on flexibility and opportunities because entrepreneurs are more interested in what they can achieve than in what obstructs them.

Office Address
PKF Wallast
Beechavenue 78-80
1119 PW
Key Contact
Eelco van der Vijver
Eelco van der Vijver
Tel: +31 6 82 9009 64
Status: Member