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Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing health check

We can provide a diagnostic health check to identify inappropriate transfer pricing policies and inadequate documentation. This will provide a clear summary of potential issues.

The development of Transfer Pricing mechanisms and policies

We can assist you to develop Transfer Pricing reporting mechanisms and policies which conform to OECD and local country principles and regulations.

Preparation of Transfer Pricing documentation based on a functional analysis

We can assist you to prepare the necessary documentation in support of your related party transactions being conducted at an arm's length third party basis in accordance with OECD and local country principles and regulations.

Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs)

We can help you adopt a proactive approach by entering into a contract with the tax authorities in one or more jurisdictions under which the pricing method to be applied to your related party transactions is specified in advance.

Responses to Transfer Pricing questions from the authorities.

We can assist you in responding to the tax authorities in any jurisdiction, where rational explanations of why your related party transactions comply with local regulations are required.

Representation and dispute resolution

We can help you defend against additional tax assessments as a result of administrative or legal challenges to your Transfer Pricing policies by the tax authorities.

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