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Status Update Report - March 2016

OECD BEPS Action Plan


OECD BEPS Action Plan Status Update Report - March 2016

Taxation is at the core of countries’ sovereignty, but the interaction of domestic tax rules can lead to gaps and frictions. Existing tax rules have revealed weaknesses against the changing international tax environment and how multinational companies now conduct global business. Concerns have been expressed with respect to the international standards and the G20 Finance Ministers called on the OECD to develop an Action Plan with a view to making fundamental changes to the current mechanism in order to:


  • Prevent double non-taxation;
  • Prevent no or low taxation;
  • Develop new harmonized international standards on corporate income taxation at the international level.


This resulted in the OECD BEPS Action Plan Report with 15 action points and corresponding timelines. PKF has conducted a survey of the status of the implementation of BEPS measures in various countries as at March 2016.


For a copy of the report, please download the PKF OECD BEPS Action Plan Status Update Report - March 2016 below.

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