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Network News • 2019-07-09

Building Accounting Networks Fit for a Client-focused Future

PKF International CEO, James Hickey, has shared with International Accounting Bulletin his thoughts on what networks and associations need to do to ensure effective future prosperity.

In the article James discusses PKF’s history, how it’s grown and established a presence that spans over 50 years in more than 150 countries, but he believes now is the time to reflect and assess the value we bring to the market, with a key focus on visibility.

James continues to share his reflections regarding how PKF has the same capabilities as the biggest firms. He acknowledges how difficult it is to have visibility in the marketplace as a network and have a unique offering. PKF’s focus will be on quality and the need for consistency throughout the network.

Listening to the client’s needs is also high on the agenda, along with thinking and running as a business.

The group strategy is being defined with the support of agencies and consultants. James is confident that the next 18-24 months will define PKF.

The full article first appeared on International Accounting Bulletin.

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