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Network News • 2021-10-19

Celebrating the success of our women leaders

We are delighted to share that the outstanding achievements of three of our women leaders have been recognised in independent awards programmes.

Andrea Mattera, a partner in the New York office of PKF member firm PKF O’Connor Davies, has been named as one of the ‘Top 50 Women in Business’ by Long Island Business News. This programme celebrates Andrea’s exceptional business skills, passion for mentoring and commitment to her community, demonstrated throughout her twenty-year career.

Andrea comments, ‘Since the early days of my career, I have always taken a keen interest in the needs of my Long Island community. I believe we each have a responsibility to give back, whether that be by volunteering for a great cause or serving on a non-profit Board. I’m honoured to have been recognised by Long Island Business News for work that I value deeply both personally and professionally.’

Similar success has been celebrated by Candice Unsworth, CEO of PKF South Africa, who features as a finalist in the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants’ annual ‘Top 35-under-35’ awards. The awards recognise young accountants who not only achieve extraordinary results professionally but also make a significant contribution to society.

Candice says, ‘I feel very grateful to have been included as a Top 35-under-35 finalist. If I had to try and pinpoint how I got here, it’s people and perspectives.’ She believes that by bringing together the right people and listening to their different perspectives, there is no process that can’t be improved, no problem that can’t be solved and no idea that can’t be generated.

We are also celebrating Kristy Jones who was recently promoted to Partner in the Business Advisory Division at PKF Perth. Kirsty has over 15 years of experience in business services, tax, and accounting across ASX listed corporates, family businesses, large private companies, and sophisticated private investors, we are sure she is perfect for her new appointment.

The PKF Perth team added, "Kirsty has been a strong contributor to the development and mentoring of our staff in the Business Advisory Division."

PKF International congratulates both Andrea and Candice for featuring in these prestigious listings.

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