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Network News • 2022-06-27

Stefaan De Ceulaer
Head of Tax and Legal


Our Flagship Tax Publication is here…


Having obtained insights from the brightest minds in the business, located in PKF member firms all over the world, we look forward to sharing our Worldwide Tax Guide 2022 with you on the 25th of July.

Our flagship publication includes over 980 pages of up-to-date taxation and business regulation regimes of the world’s most significant trading countries, this year comprising 150 jurisdictions. The guide helps to answer accountancy professionals’ and international businesses’ most pressing questions when looking to expand or set up in a new jurisdiction.

The guide, brainchild of Stefaan De Ceulaer, our Head of Tax and Legal Support, takes over 1023 hours, 320 collaborative emails, 210 cups of coffee and 70 large chocolate bars to produce and is widely recognised within the professional services industry as the go-to guide for Tax.

Stefaan commented, “The Worldwide Tax Guide demonstrates what we can achieve as a global community when we concentrate our efforts. Over 210 individuals from our network are involved in providing me with insights into their local markets and taxation landscape and I am incredibly grateful for their contributions every year.”

“Members of our network’s tax group are very active in sharing best practices, not only within our PKF family but also through regular public webinars. It’s a privilege to work with these individuals and provide them with as many avenues as possible to share their expertise and knowledge.”

The PKF Worldwide Tax Guide is complemented by four quarterly tax newsletters which provide updates and PKF commentary on notable tax changes and amendments from around the world. Visit our Worldwide Tax Guide Page to register your interest in receiving the guide. You can also visit our publications page to find all our tax newsletters, and our events page to participate in our tax webinars.


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