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Network News • 2022-08-09

Theo Vermaak 
PKF International,


Jamie Drummond
PKF International,


PKF embraces digital auditing with Inflo

We have agreed a deal with high-growth fintech company Inflo to further support the digital transformation of our member firms around the world.

Like Inflo, we recognise the dramatic shift in technology capabilities in recent years and the need to leverage data in performing accounting services and believe the adoption of Inflo by our member firms will enhance the value of audit services. This move supports effective remote working for clients and staff, leveraging automation to achieve efficiencies while ensuring the delivery of high-quality audit work.

PKF member firms around the world can now utilise the full power of Inflo’s Digital Audit platform and leverage Inflo’s innovative Digital Audit methodology and engagement documentation solution. This promotes a data-driven, intelligent audit process to perform compliant audits and produces valuable client insights as a natural by-product.

Firms will also benefit from Inflo’s Digital Collaboration capabilities to offer an enhanced client experience, and Inflo’s Data Analytics to develop auditors’ competence and capabilities on working with data.

Theo Vermaak, PKF International’s CEO explained, “Data and technology are reshaping the audit and accounting profession, it’s our job to put our members ahead of the curve and give them a competitive advantage.  Together with Inflo, we will continue to leverage technology to improve audit quality and get our members even closer to their clients, their businesses, and crucially, their needs. This is an exciting next step for PKF and Inflo and I look forward to our members reaping the rewards of our agreement.

Inflo CEO and President, Mark Edmondson said, “We are excited to be working with PKF International and its member firms. PKF leaders are embracing the opportunity for change, understanding that clients are digitalising their organisations and want more support from their advisors. They are seeking accounting firms who are aligned with their vision, similarly embracing digital working. We look forward to supporting PKF International and its global member firms”.

With the digital transformation of audit and accounting in full flight and data playing a critical role, our work with Inflo will make Digital Auditing business as usual. As always, PKF clients can expect a forward-thinking approach and enhanced value from their advisors.


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