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Network News • 2021-10-28

PKF Fasselt establishes joint venture with Treuwerk

PKF International is excited to announce that PKF Fasselt, one of our German member firms, has recently agreed to establish a joint venture with the German auditing company, Treuwerk Revision GmbH. From 2022 the new joint venture, PKF Treuwerk AG, will offer specialist audit and advisory services to banking and financial services clients operating in regulated markets.

Hanover-based Treuwerk contributes a wealth of experience and expertise in auditing and advising banks and other regulated financial institutions. The company brings significant technical and industry knowledge, gained over almost two decades serving this specialist market.

PKF Fasselt is one of Germany’s leading auditing and consulting firms and prides itself on delivering client-focused services through its extensive network of audit, tax and legal specialists. Managing partner at PKF Fasselt, Frank Hünger, explains, ‘We look after our clients in a practical and tailored manner. Medium-sized companies in particular value our extensive expertise and personal support at the same time.’

The new joint venture will be well-placed to deliver a broad range of services to clients operating in the fields of banking, capital management and insurance. In addition to its audit and advisory offering, PKF Treuwerk AG will provide specialist advice on governance, risk and compliance, tailored to regulated clients.

For more information about our member firm, PKF Fasselt, please click here.

To find out more about Treuwerk Revision, please click here.

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