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Network News • 2024-02-26

PKF Global welcomes new member firm in Brunei Darussalam

We are delighted to announce that PKF Brunei has joined the PKF Global network, strengthening our presence and coverage in the Asia-Pacific region.

PKF Brunei was established in 2022 and emerged from the operations of the Kiulap branch of renowned Brunei accounting firm Lee & Raman. Having initially joined us as a correspondent firm, PKF Brunei now enjoys all the benefits and privileges of full membership.

PKF Brunei offers a wide range of services to its clients, including audit and assurance, business advisory and consultancy, tax compliance, investigation and litigation support, and insolvency.

Yun Chin Lee, Managing Partner at PKF Brunei, said, ‘Thank you for welcoming us as part of the PKF family. We are very excited to learn, collaborate and grow as a team together.’

PKF Global CEO Theo Vermaak said, ‘We’re really pleased to welcome the partners and staff at PKF Brunei as full members of our PKF Global family. We’re looking forward to working closely with Yun Chin and her team to realise our common goal of growth through unparalleled client service.’

For further information about PKF Brunei, please click here.

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