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Network News • 2019-02-06

PKF International welcomes new Technology Manager

In January 2019, AJ Meade joined PKF International as Technology Manager based in London, UK. AJ’s role is to support the network’s independent member firms as we go through a time of important technology developments worldwide, with a focus on cyber security and improving network communications.

AJ joins PKF International with a wealth of experience from his previous role at a London based law firm, where he worked for 18 years leading technology and business change.

During 2019 there is a big focus on creating a solid Cyber Security strategy that can be implemented by member firms to ensure they are accredited, increasing consistency across the network and provides evidence that the client’s data is secure. Another main focus will be looking at ways to implement IT systems to improve communication and connectivity across the network.

“I am delighted to join the PKF network and have just had the privilege of attending the International Board meeting in Munich,” said AJ. “Being there it was clear there’s a real passion about PKF and the brand with a focused desire to add value. I am looking forward to meeting with people across the network and making a difference.”

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