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Network News • 2021-05-20

PKF New Zealand 2021 Budget Report

PKF Dunedin Director, Jono Bredin, has released his PKF 2021 Budget Report having been granted special access to ‘The Beehive’ (the Executive Wing of New Zealand Parliament Buildings) to understand the details of New Zealand’s fourth Budget ahead of the rest of the nation.

New Zealand’s Minister of Finance, Grant Robertson, delivered the Budget on the 20th May 2021– the first as a majority Government – and the themes reflect a traditional Labour flavour.
Budget 2021 is still in the COVID-19 global pandemic shadow, but its focus shifts to secure New Zealand’s recovery from its impact. This Budget is also delivered on the 30 year anniversary of New Zealand’s ‘Mother of All Budgets’ and the Government has been very deliberate in ensuring the headline policy is a generous increase to benefits targeting families and children as they aim to lift more people out of poverty.

To download Jono Bredin’s full report
click here.

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