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Network News • 2021-02-19

PKF New Zealand wins leading accounting award

We’re thrilled that PKF New Zealand has been awarded “Xero National Partner of the Year 2020” at the Xero awards in Auckland, New Zealand, earlier this month.

Founded in 2006 in New Zealand and now with over two million subscribers, Xero is the leading cloud-based accounting software solution for small businesses. Its yearly awards celebrate those who have made a vital contribution in the audit and accounting sector. This year, more than ever, the awards recognised those who have gone above and beyond to make a difference.

PKF New Zealand Chairman said: “We have been finalists for the last two years and winning the 2020 award will proudly feature on our list of key successes. PKF member firms across the network have worked very closely with Xero over recent years, particularly in 2020, when the spotlight was firmly centred on “cloud computing and anywhere any time access” during the lockdown. In collaboration with Xero, we reached out to hundreds of clients across the country, helping them through a very challenging year.” 

In explaining their decision-making behind the award, a spokesperson for Xero said: “PKF New Zealand has worked really hard to embed Xero across the business, and upskill and educate their team. They have a clear focus on building and fostering the next generation of great leaders and are truly values led. The judges were impressed with PKF New Zealand’s heavy focus on education and training for their clients and dedication to helping them thrive.”

The lauded National Partner of the Year award goes to an accounting partner with a national presence who has added significant value to clients across New Zealand and championed the use of Xero and cloud technology – a fantastic achievement. We at PKF New Zealand are incredibly proud and would like to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication in securing this impressive accolade. 

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