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Network News • 2022-01-26

PKF Sydney & Newcastle launches joint venture to support Australian start-ups

We are excited to share that PKF Sydney & Newcastle, one of our Australian member firms, has formed a new alliance with GHO to transform the service offering to start-ups in Australia.

GHO is a Sydney-based brand, product and marketing firm and, like PKF Sydney & Newcastle, has a wealth of experience in advising start-up businesses. The new joint venture sees the two firms working together and marks a change to the model for supporting start-ups.

Despite a large increase over recent years in professional services available to start-ups, the path to market has remained challenging. The traditional approach of working with multiple partners often means that new businesses receive conflicting advice. In addition, such an approach can prove costly, involving significant cash outlay and/or a dilution of equity.

PKF Sydney & Newcastle and GHO seek to address this issue by providing a complete service to start-ups. Working together, they design bespoke programmes setting out a framework for innovation and growth, with a view to accelerating profit. Combining business, finance and creative expertise, this is a compelling proposition to new businesses.

PKF Sydney & Newcastle Managing Director, Steve Meyn commented, ‘We have been supporting start-ups … for some time, but this venture with GHO enables us to offer a more holistic offering and reduce the risk for the start-ups we back as they go to market and scale.’

The firms have already enjoyed success with their new model, having recently worked with start-up Grub Lab to support the company in securing new funding. Grub Lab CEO Mick Carr says, ‘PKF and GHO … provide strategic processes for us that are designed to ensure we can leverage this mix and breadth of experience alongside our own talents … I couldn’t be more delighted with the outcome.’

For more information about PKF Sydney & Newcastle, please click here.

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