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Network News • 2022-04-06

Secondment to Chicago a great success

Every year, PKF employees from all over the world pursue secondment opportunities as part of PKF GO, the secondment programme offered by the PKF network. Individuals can work, gain experience and learn about the culture of other countries where PKF offices are located. Sarah Krom, an employee of German member firm PKF Fasselt, is currently part way through her five-month secondment to PKF Mueller in Chicago. Here she reflects on her time so far in the US and the personal and professional benefits the secondment has brought her.

Having visited Chicago during her gap year, Sarah always wanted to return to experience living and working there. She was therefore delighted to learn that one of our network firms, PKF Mueller, is based in Chicago and offers international secondment experiences. With the support of PKF Fasselt partner Christian Müller-Kemler and PKF Mueller Managing Partner Dave Nissen, Sarah embarked on her secondment at the start of this year. Sarah has spent the first three months of her secondment in PKF Mueller’s Elgin office, 35 miles north-west of Chicago, and will soon transfer to a smaller office in downtown Chicago.

In addition to experiencing working life in two different offices, she has also benefitted from working within three different departments: audit, tax and client advisory services. Training was provided across all three service lines which has allowed Sarah to expand her professional skills. She has gained a wealth of knowledge about US GAAP which she will put into practice on her return to Germany as she plans to specialise in working with US businesses.

Despite not knowing anyone in the area when she arrived, a warm welcome from the team at PKF Mueller has meant that Sarah quickly made lots of friends. Outside of work, Sarah has spent her time exploring the stunning architecture of the city (including taking in the spectacular bird’s-eye views of Chicago from the Skydeck), attending ice hockey and basketball events with her colleagues and visiting the London House Café to take in the views of the Chicago River.

Sarah comments, “My secondment in Chicago has not only broadened my horizons but has also given me the chance to grow personally and professionally…The challenges and pleasures of living by myself in a foreign country have taught me many things about myself and life in general. Professionally, the networking opportunities have opened many doors that I didn’t even know were there.

For anyone with the opportunity of going on a secondment, you can consider yourself lucky, and if you end up with PKF Mueller in Chicago, you’ve hit the jackpot! Get ready for a time that you will never forget!” For more information about secondment opportunities through PKF GO, please refer to the PKF Hub. (Members Only)

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