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PKF Attest

Our main value as an independent firm is based on the knowledge of the professionals that we integrate into it.
Furthermore, we consider the following six fundamental values:

  • Collaboration. Teamwork and knowledge sharing: working together we can achieve a true understanding of the problems our clients face and maximize our value, our impact and results
  • Experience. Ensuring quality advice to clients, today and in the future
  • A practical approach. Knowledge of client´s business and the development of flexible approaches to business challenges
  • Client Commitment. Understanding their needs, creating lasting relationships and delivering a personal service is our long-term commitment
  • Integrity. Honesty, trust and transparency
  • Effort and success. Growth, compliance and client satisfaction


  • Steady growth since the start of the activity in 1990
  • Permanent staff represents 90% of total staff
  • 8th auditing firm in Spain