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PKF Puerto Rico LLC

PKF Puerto Rico mission is to help our clients achieve their legitimate organizational and personal objectives. Our goal is to provide services of high professional standards, with complete independence and integrity, in an efficient and effective manner. Thus, clients are assured of receiving high-value services, which complement their own efforts to achieve success in their business and personal endeavors.

Our client-service philosophy has evolved from our focus on clients and the understanding that each client is a unique organization, with unique problems and opportunities. We know that the better we understand our clients - their business, their industries, their people, their plans, and goals - the better we can discover and serve their needs. Thus, we recognize that our most important product is a prompt and effective service of the highest quality. All of our efforts are directed toward achieving these aims. We believe that we can serve any organization in a manner that would meet its complete satisfaction. The highest level of skills available in the firm is brought to bear on the servicing of any need.

PKF People

Edwin E. Torres
Edwin E. Torres
Tel: +1 787 400 9548
Status: Correspondent

Office Address

PKF Puerto Rico LLC
Avenue Muñoz Rivera # 20
PKF Puerto Rico Building
Trujillo Alto
United States of America