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Network News • 2023-04-17



Strengthening global relationships

We are delighted to see colleagues Kelvin Ma and David Nissen building on their cross-border relationships.

Kelvin Ma, Managing Partner at Chinese member firm PKF Consulting, has recently attended a series of international meetings with partners from PKF firms throughout Europe and North America. His itinerary saw him visit no less than eight countries across a three-week period, with meetings taking place in Turkey, Italy, Malta, Spain, Portugal, the UK, Ireland and the US.  

With a focus on worldwide collaboration in the field of legal services, the trip allowed Kelvin and his colleague, Allan Jiang (Managing Partner at PKF Kexin in Shanghai), to identify ways PKF firms could work together to deliver a seamless and truly global client experience. Discussion topics included immigration, wealth management and estate planning for high-net-worth individuals and intellectual property protection, capital markets and environmental, social and governance for corporate clients. Describing their visits as inspirational and fruitful, Kelvin and Allan look forward to drawing on these new relationships to further support their clients on cross-border legal matters.  

David Nissen, CEO of our Chicago member firm PKF Mueller, and Amy Chamoun, International Tax Partner at PKF Mueller, recently travelled to Germany to meet with some key clients. During their trip, they were able to reconnect with colleagues and friends at PKF Wulf Group and PKF Munich, with whom they’d worked on past client engagements. The meetings allowed David and Amy to deepen relationships and expertise in Germany and will support their firm’s pursuit of international business development opportunities. 

Reflecting on the trip, David said, “Trust and personal contact are key to developing business relationships on a global scale. With each meeting, connection and client discussion we share, this trust is enhanced. This trust is carried over to our mutual client dealings. We know the PKF Wulf and PKF Munich teams have the experience, knowledge and passion required to serve our clients well and they know the same about our international team.” 

For more information about the services offered by PKF China and PKF Mueller, please click the links above.  


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