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26 02 2020

Capital Gains Tax on Shares in the EU Anno 2020

An overview of capital gains tax on shares realized by private individuals in the EU (incl. Switzerland).

24 10 2017

PKF Transfer Pricing Documentation Standards 2018

This publication provides the reader a comprehensive overview of the implementation of BEPS action 13 in domestic legislation, which not only covers documentation standards but also deals with specific local requirements on domestic exemptions, timing and penalty regimes.

23 06 2017

PKF Worldwide Transfer Pricing Guide 2017/18

We are proud to present you with our latest flagship publication. The PKF Worldwide Transfer Pricing Guide 2017/18 provides up to date TP information on 98 tax jurisdictions.

10 02 2015

The Financial Cost of Fraud Report 2015

The report is based on 17 years of global research concerning the financial cost of fraud – where the total cost (not just what is detected) has been measured in a statistically valid and accurate manner.

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