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As we continue to build PKF in North America, firms who join us have an opportunity to PUT YOURSELF ON THE MAP.  What truly sets us apart is the emphasis we place on listening to our members, understanding their unique circumstances so we can provide them and their markets with exactly the expertise and support they need.

Key Economic Center Strategy

A key element of our development and support strategy, and an important differentiator, is our geographic coverage. We are looking for the right firms, providing the right services, in the right locations.

Within this framework of geographic coverage, we recognize that global service capability needs are greater in Key Economic Centers (KECs). This project has been established as an important element of PKF’s strategy, in an effort to establish full service capability around the world and in North America.


PKF International celebrates International Pride Month 2021

                    PKF International celebrates International Pride Month 2021
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PKF Audit Azerbaijan ranked first in the top 20 International Audit firms

PKF Audit Azerbaijan has achieved first place in the Top 20 International audit firms according to the ranking of the National Chamber of Auditors. 
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PKF celebrates Africa Day 2021

Africa Day is the annual commemoration of the foundation of the Organisation of African Unity on 25 May 1963.
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