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Corporate Tax Compliance

Nowadays keeping up to date with corporate tax compliance can be very challenging in some countries with frequent changes to legislation, regulations and procedures coupled with changing tax authority practices and attitudes.

PKF is a global service provider of corporate tax compliance services and through our network of member firms we provide worldwide coverage. We provide domestic tax compliance services for single entities and also offer a 'one stop shop' service for our multinational clients where we look after the 'group's' tax compliance i.e. we provide a full tax compliance service to each company in each country, wherever they are based, and provide the multinational's head office with our 'Global Tax Management' tool (see below).

Typically, our services include providing assistance:

  • In completing tax returns and supporting computations and schedules;
  • With calculating capital allowances/ tax allowances;
  • With supplementary reports, for example, supporting transfer pricing submissions;
  • Providing specific claims, elections and applications, for example, in the area of research and development;
  • In dealing with all tax authority enquiries in a careful and intelligent way;
  • Advice on tax return filing deadlines, tax payment deadlines and other important dates;
  • In dealing with assessments, objections and appeals;
  • With the corporate and deferred tax audit provisions, and reconciliations, required for your financial statements under FIN 48 / IAS 12 or other applicable standards;
  • With corporate tax compliance planning and management of your group or company's effective tax rate;
  • Obtaining refunds and credits.

In addition to the above, as mentioned, PKF has developed a web-based 'Global Tax Management' tool to provide an up-to-date and clear position of the tax compliance position of a group and its overseas companies. There are many more features within this application which we would be very happy to demonstrate. Please contact PKF at GTMtool@pkf.com or alternatively, contact a local PKF firm directly for more information: click here

We would be delighted to discuss how we can help you, and your group or company, reduce costs and manage your corporate tax compliance more effectively. Please get in touch and contact PKF at CTcompliance@pkf.com or alternatively, contact a local PKF firm directly for assistance: click here