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Internationally Mobile Employees

How can we help you?

As a global service provider, PKF ensures that all your overseas tax obligations are met for each of your overseas employees, wherever they are located.

PKF offers a comprehensive service including registration of employees with local tax authorities, completion and filing of personal tax returns and dealing with all local tax authority correspondence. PKF looks after the foreign tax obligations of your employees from start to finish, including meeting each of them personally on arrival and again on departure.

We assist your employees to relocate and move into a new overseas property, find schools for their children, help them to know their new surroundings and meet people – this saves them time, reduces their concerns and helps them adjust to their new working environment.

PKF meets your obligations as an overseas employer and provides a comprehensive overseas payroll service at each location. This includes registration of new payrolls, calculation of monthly salaries and tax liabilities, hypothetical tax and equalisation calculations and submission of all employer reporting forms to the tax authority on time. We also maintain employee records, draft contracts of employment, job descriptions and policies and procedures.

PKF provides personal income tax, social security and personal pension planning advice from a local and international perspective.

Head office foreign tax exposure
We provide advice on whether an overseas tax exposure exists for the company in the overseas jurisdiction through the physical presence of its employees working there, and ways to minimise this risk.

Administration assistance
We provide assistance with the various administrative issues relating to short, medium and long term assignments and secondments, including dealing with all tax authority queries. PKF can review your existing overseas payroll arrangements to confirm they remain current and comply with the current laws and requirements of the respective country.

Worldwide remuneration and benefits structure
PKF reviews current worldwide remuneration and benefits structures to identify areas for improvement, greater efficiency and cost savings.


Why do you need us?

PKF has the necessary resources, experience and in-depth local knowledge to effectively deal with all your employee overseas tax obligations in any country. We are passionate about assisting our clients with their worldwide employee responsibilities and offer a complete, efficient ‘one shop’ global service. What makes PKF different…

A Fresh Approach
It is this fresh approach that defines us; the passion we have to make a difference, to strive to improve and strengthen the companies and relationships with which we work, and the passion for doing things properly. Our tax people all share the same values and ambitions and combine decades of experience with a straightforward, no-nonsense approach. As new advisors, we will bring a fresh perspective to your business and we believe this perspective and our vast experience will be of real value. With your business and our business combined we have a world of opportunity before us – a fresh start to make a difference.

Value for money and cost savings
We believe that our services represent excellent value for money, and a function of our commitment is to provide significant levels of partner and director input throughout our relationship with you and your company. Cost savings are often experienced by virtue of placing this work in the hands of an experienced, fully resourced global provider. We are specialists in tax and in particular, assisting with the tax affairs of your employees whilst overseas.

Global coverage
PKF is a very experienced global provider of international mobile employee services which means that wherever your employees are based we can take care of them; a complete, efficient ‘one shop’ global service. Our PKF network spans the globe and we have local offices in over 140 countries, with all the key countries covered. Each local office has years of experience with the local laws and regulations - PKF, one global network, one global solution.

Experience and depth of expertise
PKF, with years of experience, has a proven track record in looking after the overseas employees of international companies and providing comprehensive, efficient international mobile employee services which can adapt to meet all your requirements. In particular, we have extensive experience working with large, privately owned businesses.